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          Hallochem Pharma IMP

          Hallochem Pharma IMP.&EXP. Ltd.

          Hallochem Pharma IMP.&EXP. Ltd. is a member of Hallchem Group,specializes in import and export trade, has developed firm and long-term business relationships with clients all over the world.

          Based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we strive to create a win-win situation, and bring our group’s products and domestic active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, chemicals and special chemicals to the international market. With extensive sales and purchase channels, good cooperation with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical chemical enterprises, we have a sizable import sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, and special chemicals, to compensate for the shortfall of domestic related products.

          Our Strengths

          ---Stable and reliable quality

          ---Competitive price

          ---Complete customer service and technical support

          We position us as customer-oriented company, always aim to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We have a wealth of experience in international trade, can provide customers with the best services and products .

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