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          KopperChem is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and systems engineering services. Its products and services spread world wide, with offices and branches in Hong Kong, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Zambia, Congo, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, India, Iran and other regions and countries.


          KopperChem is a professional manufacturer of solvent extraction reagents and flotation reagents, provides the most complete series of Mextral® solvent extraction reagents, Flotilla® flotation reagents and other mining chemicals. KopperChem implements a low-cost operation strategy, which greatly guarantees the market competitiveness and influence. It is praised by the media as “Metal Extractant Made in Chongqing, Leading the Country, Going Global”.


          KopperChem owns outstanding provincial enterprise technical center, has a strong team of experts and skilled R&D engineers, is committed to the research of solvent extraction and mineral flotation technology, provides comprehensive and professional solutions to the customers globally.


          KopperChem foucses on continuous development, provides a personalized service tailored to each customer. Our range of services include Engineering consultation, Engineering design, EPC, Technology research and development, etc. in the field of metal solvent extraction and mineral flotation, from initial feasibility study, plant operation to lifelong service. In addition, KopperChem also helps the development of related investment projects in the field. KopperChem has undertaken many national and local research projects, such as 2011 national key investment on industry revitalization project, technical innovation project, scientific and technological project, etc..


          KopperChem concerns for the environment, health and safety, follows business ethics, provides healthy and happy work environment and development opportunities for employees, provides global customers with the most satisfactory products and services, to achieve economic, resource and environmental harmony and sustainable development.


          Our products are: Mextral® solvent extraction reagents, Flotilla® flotation collectors;

          Our specialty is: metal solvent extraction technology, mineral flotation technology;

          Our goal is: dedicated to professional metal solvent extraction and mineral flotation technology;

          Our mission is: provide global customers with the healthy solvent extraction reagents and flotation collectors.

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