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          Group Introduction

          Hallochem Group Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise  which integrates R&D, industrial manufacturing and international trade into one enterprise.  Hallochem has a provincial technology research center with strong technical strength, a pharmaceutical factory with certificate of GMP, two professional pharmaceutical &chemicals import and export trading companies, a solvent extraction reagent and flotation reagent production factory constructed in strict accordance with the international EHS standards and a product quality assurance system  as strict as  pharmaceutical production, is Chongqing’s pharmaceutical &chemical export  base, China’s research and production base of metal extractant and flotation reagent, and  one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solvent extraction reagents and flotation reagents . Hallochem Group is committed to building international and professional research and production base of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and intermediates, chemical products and special chemicals, and making it the best manufacturer and supplier of chemicals.

          ---- Devote ourselves to the leader of the field and your partner

          ---- Being honest and reliable to provide our customers with best technical services

          ----To be our partner, maximize return on investment!

          Pursuit of innovation, focus on quality, concern about the society and environment, we concentrate on mineral flotation and solvent extraction technology to provide the most satisfactory metal extractants and flotation reagents for global customers.


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